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This is for all those businesses who are new in the business and need to start up with a great business plan in mind to successfully have a name for themselves in the market. In this SWOT consultant will assist new entrepreneurs to establish a structural business plan whereby the entrepreneurs will have a greater knowledge about their business in details;

  • Operation
  • Sustainable Development measures of performance
  • Management
  • Financial
  • Critical Risks
  • Milestone schedule

Advantages of New Venture Creation

  1. Business plan will give detailed overall picture of how a new business needs to be established and a business plan will act as a major presentation for the client to their third parties i.e. the banks, the insurance companies, financial brokers etc.
  2. The proprietor will know exactly looking at the detailed business plan whether or not they should invest in this business or avoid the idea of investing in the particular business.
  3. In this, another advantage is the investor will have a set target, set goals to achieve which will bring the best out of them and ensure that the milestones are met in the given deadline according to goals set in milestone schedule.
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